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International Conference in Puducherry

“Future Communications: Rethinking Societies, Cultures and Governance” organised by the Dept. of Electronic Media and Mass Communication (Pondicherry University) from 8 -10 April 2024.
In collaboration with partners : Université de Toulon, Oslo Metropolitan University, Multimedia University, International Centre for Strategy & Communication, Integral World, AWAREAuroville, Educational Multimedia Research Centre.

Le laboratoire IMSIC et l’UFR INGÉMÉDIA ont été représentés à travers ce programme par le biais de cinq interventions :
– Exploring Immersive Learning Environments: A Perspective Inspired by John Dewey’s Experience ( Philippe BONFILS)
– Digital Acculturation and Evolution of the School Form in Tension (Michel DURAMPART)
– Convergence of the Economic and the Technical, Contributions of Guy Debord’s Critical Thinking (Hervé ZENOUDA)
– Violence and Manipulation: When Hezbollah’s Radicalism Hits the Screens (Billel AROUFOUNE)
– Towards New Mobilization Tools for Participatory Science: the PAUZAFRUITS Project, a Scientific Urban Orchard (Anne GAGNEBIEN).